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How i help

As a sport psychologist, I work alongside many business leaders and directors to help them reach the next level in their performance. Sport psychology offers the ability to really understand what drives your staff, motivation and passion. I have experience coaching and mentoring many multi-million pound companies. Whether it is motivation, confidence or burnout I can help add value to your team. In fact, team dynamics and cohesion can play a major role in your teams overall performance. I am based in Stockport and cover Greater Manchester and Trafford.

Sport psychology in the workplace

As a psychologist, I study human behaviour and communication patterns, all of which can have a tremendous impact on your business. Like an athlete, leaders and employees can suffer from anxiety, depression and poor performance. My role as a sport psychologist is to help people improve their performance and tap into their unlimited potential.

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Why sport psychology for your business?

Performance Enhancement

Reduced Burnout

Pressure Management

Increase Growth Potential

sales performance workshop

Improve sales and targets

Employee counselling sessions

Counselling for your employees

Goal setting workshop

Use sport psychology to help hit your targets

monthly Director coaching

1-2-1 Personal Coaching