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Commonwealth Games 2022 Charlie Bowling Wrestling
British Powerlifting Championships
Training with Graham Hicks
Interview with Comedian Terry Alderton
Interview with Psychologist Anjula Mutanda Part 1
Interview with Psychologist Anjula Mutanda Part 2
ACT Sport Lifeline
Dealing with injury
Short Course on ACT in sport
Dealing with difficult thoughts
Choking in sport
Anxiety in sport
Psychological Flexibility
Why do I dream?
Challenge vs Threat States
Pre-Performance Routines
Yerkes-Dodson Law
Sunk-Cost Fallacy
Psychological Reactance
Hypnotherapy and sport performance
Psychology of being happy in your work




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Famous faces

Terry Alderton
Sally Phillips
Frank Bruno
Toby Stephens
Sporty Spice Mel C
Russell Watson
Graham Hicks
Kimberlee Hicks
Richard Bacon’s Tennis Coach
The Big Breakfast
Dragon’s Den
TV Presenter
National Lottery
Diet Coke Commercial
Audi ‘ice tennis’ TV Commercial
Trevor McDonald
I played a posh parent in the Man Utd movie called ‘Believe. Theatre of Dreams’ 2014
I was the Val Kilmer lookalike for TopGun Film Premier