Premiership and academy footballers

The National League

Northern Premier

Southern Premier South

Academy Players

Graham Hicks

Giants Live Competitor

UK Strongest Man 2019

World Strongest Man Finalist

Kimberlee hicks

British no.2 Powerlifter

500KG total

Squat 205KG PB

Bench Press 90KG

Deadlift 205KG PB

Alex bogdanovic

Played Nadal and Federer at Wimbledon.

Eve Daniels

UTEP Tennis Player

Division 1 College

UK ranked national junior

Jordam Thompson

Heavyweight Boxer

17 KO’s

Scarlett Dewar

Rowing. England Beach Sprint Team, British Beach Sprint Champion & National Schools Regatta Finalist

British wrestling

Charlie Bowling

Professional Wrestling

Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist & British Champion

james robinson

europro tour player

England Junior National Player

British Amateur Semi-Finalist

Johnathan Selvaraj

Champion of The GEM International Amateur Invitational Golf Tour 2022

Overall total of 221

Robbie ‘the smiler’ gibbon

Amateur Boxer. First time fighter. Charity Boxing Event . Won most improved boxer in just 6 weeks.

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