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Stephen Renwick

The Sport Psychologist

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Athletes spend hours working out, training and preparing for sporting competitions only to crumble under pressure, perform different than they do in practice or lack the confidence to believe in themselves. Sport psychology helps athletes to psychologically prepare for performance and helps to improve the mental side of sport. Typically, athletes need support for anxiety, confidence, goals and dealing with difficult thoughts, feelings or sensations. I used many sport psychology skills to help beat chronic anxiety and low confidence to gain a world ranking in tennis. Take advantage on the 50% discount on intake sessions by contacting me today.

Success Stories

Why pick me to be your sport psychologist? Firstly, I get sport. I understand what it takes to achieve your full potential as an athlete. The years of dedication, sacrifice and training required. The emotional struggles and challenges. I get it. I’ve been there. I have eight years training to get where I am today and over 500 hours of experience, including working with some of the worlds best athletes. So, if you want to take your sport to the next level with someone who understands it all, then please get in touch today.


I contacted Steve as I suffered an injury playing football to a high level. I was struggling not being part of that environment and losing my identity because I couldn’t play football anymore. Going through rehab and set backs can be very difficult to deal with. Steve helped me re align my goals and focus and gave me different way of thinking so I wasn’t stuck in a vicious circle. He will give you different strategies to help and it help hugely when it came to dealing with my set backs and every day life going through a difficult injury. Highly recommend and he will help and support you with any situation you have to overcome or want to get better at.

Lois – Female Pro Footballer

Charlie Bowling . Wrestling Commonwealth Games 2022 5th place and former Bronze medalist

Training at Farmer Strong
Charlie Bowling Team England
Kimberlee Hicks British No.2 Powerlifter
Kim WON and added 100KG to her total
Johnathan Selvaraj GEM International Amateur Invitational Golf Tour Champion 2022
Graham Hicks Strongman
Giants Live
Only UK Strong Man To DEADLIFT 1000lbs in 2022 so far..
Alex Bogdanovic ATP Tennis Player who played Nadal and Federer at Wimbledon
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improve your mental flexibility

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mental toughness

Achieve Goals

Manage anxiety

improve focus

keep motivated

control your mind

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