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Sport psychologist based in stockport, greater Manchester. Helping support athletes as their sport psychologist offering sport psychology support.

Act in sport

Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) in Sport – By Stephen Renwick.  Creating a rich, full and meaningful life  (while accepting the pain that goes with it)  Quote by Russ Harris    In this brief article I will be offering an outline of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for sport and how it can help to improve psychological …

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This course is ideal if you are a coache, parent or athlete looing to imrove your psychology. full course outline in acceptance and commitment therapy for sport performance For psychological support contact Stephen Renwick, Sport Psychologist, Greater Manchester and Stockport – T: 07868-990-674

self-help book

Self-Help book with a twist. Humorous, serious and includes acceptance and commitment therapy.  Sleepwalk – Live in the Dream A 9-step Program of Self Destruction  Straddling both sides of the foul-line—over-educated psychologist on one side and hyper-competitive, fear-driven obsessive on the other—Stephen Renwick is an eminently qualified psychologist. He will not only guide you on …

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Athletes are human beings not robots

Atheltes are human beings just like the rest of us, however they may excel in their sporting domain. Athletes love to be challenged and like competing and winning and they are typically good at controlling their focus. However, events and problems outside their sport can sometimes creep into impacting on their sports performance. This could …

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Psychological well-being (Ryff, 1995)

Psychological well-being was initially derived from several psychological perspectives including developmental, clinical and mental health. Developmental psychology provided guidance from life-span development which offers several descriptions of wellness and follows growth over the life course. This perspective includes the work of Erikson (1959) stages of psychological development, Buhler (1935) basic life tendencies, and Neugarten’s (1973) …

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Experiential Avoidance and Anxiety

By Stephen Renwick Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Anxiety in Sport Anxiety can cause many behavioral issues for athletes and this can result in poor performances or even avoidance of competition and training. An athlete with moderate to severe anxiety will typical seek to avoid any situation which cause unpleasant thoughts, feelings and sensations. …

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